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EuropeNextBecause of new European Union regulations (GDPR) we find ourselves forced to close the registration system here on The new GDPR is another step closer to a commercial-only internet. We take no chances, all previous user registrations and all user data are completely deleted. We are sorry for this.

Links checkingPrint


1) We finally found a solution for the news feeds, so all problems should be solved.
2) It is more than a year ago that we checked the links in the Web Links menu. Next week we will do so.

Happy weekend.

Responsive ThemePrint

EuropeNextAt the moment we are experimenting with a responsive theme. This will give better search result with Google and will help people visiting our website on a smart phone.
- Rudi

Links EuropeNextPrint

EuropeNextThe first week of 2016 we will check "all" the links on EuropeNext. This task will keep us busy for a week. The software we wil use to check the links are: LinkChecker and Xenu's Link Sleuth.

Happy Holidays!
- Rudi

Forums & SpamPrint

EuropeNextBecause of the large amount of spam messages in the forums, we have decided to make the forums read only. We have no time to read and delete hundreds of messages every day. We apologize for this inconvenience.

- Rudi

Oleg SentsovPrint

EuropeA Russian military court today sentenced Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov to 20 years in jail after convicting him on terror charges.

A sad day for art and freedom of speech in Europe...

United we stand, divided we fall...Print

EuropeBailout money for banks and creditors, not for the Greek people.

Broken Link or Video?Print

EuropeNextBroken Link, broken Video or did you see another problem on this website? Contact us here and let us know. Thank you.

And the winner is...Print

EuropeMåns Zelmerlöw - Heroes (Sweden) - LIVE at Eurovision 2015 Grand Final:

EurovisionWorld: Link

Update Web LinksPrint

EuropeNextWe will soon update the Web Links section with more (mostly) travel links. After 3 months of intense work, we will take a short brake in February.

- Rudi

Work in progressPrint

EuropeNextAt the moment we are working hard on the Web Links section of When finished, it should contain about 2000 links. We hope to finish this work by the end of November. After that we will work hard on the other content of the website. Hope you enjoy it.

- Rudi